This communication is from a debt collector. This is an attempt to collect a debt. Any information obtained will be used for that purpose.


Anthony P. Nuzzo Jr.

CEO and Chairman

Is an experienced accounting professional and entrepreneur with a reputation of being a dedicated financial manager, experienced in all facets of accounting procedures and controls. In 1991 Mr. Nuzzo formed Nuzzo Enterprises, Inc. d/b/a Jackson Hewitt Tax Service, a tax franchise, and successfully expanded the company to include twenty-two locations spread over six counties in Chicago, IL and the Syracuse, NY area.

In June 2003, Mr. Nuzzo became one of five co-founders and Managing Members to successfully launch Leading Edge Recovery Solutions, LLC. Fulfilling the role of CFO, Mr. Nuzzo contributed by building a ground floor consumer collection agency that, over the next 5 years, flourished into a $20MM per year revenue producer. In 2009, Mr. Nuzzo purchased GMC and moved the company from California to its current location in Schaumburg, IL.

Kevin Polk


Has 30 years of experience in the finance and collections industries and has developed a proven ability to maximize operational efficiencies and optimize recoveries across the credit grantor, and accounts receivable sectors. Throughout his career, Kevin has developed and implemented off shore outsourcing solutions, established legal recovery networks, and has been involved with purchasing portfolios. He has a wealth of dynamic experience in first and third party collections, contingency collections, legal collections, and portfolio sales. Kevin's longevity in the industry sets him apart as a "best in class" expert in consumer and commercial asset recovery.

Edward R. Carfora

Executive Vice President

Has 15 years of experience in the collection and debt recovery industry. He has held various mid-level positions at Leading Edge Recovery Solutions, and Freedman Anselmo Lindberg & Rappe., both leading Illinois based organizations. Ed has acquired diverse operational and strategic collection capabilities within all segments of the industry inclusive of, bankcard, retail, auto deficiency, mortgage, consumer lending, telecom, and the payday loan arena. Ed has extensive legal collection experience and during his tenure at Freedman Anselmo, he played a significant role in achieving consistent growth in revenue and increasing garnishment collections to over 50% of total dollars collected.

David J. Stein

Executive Director

David joined Glass Mountain Holdings, LLC in February 2018. David is a long time collections professional with experience in all facets of collections services and operations. David serves as President of Malcolm S. Gerald and Associates, a subsidiary of Glass Mountain Holdings. David's role with GMC is managing new client acquisitions and operations management.

Elizabeth A. Shukas

Chief Financial Officer

Has been with GMC since September of 2009. Beth is a finance professional with more than 30 years of experience in accounting, taxes and finance. In her present role, Beth is responsible for planning and directing all accounting operational functions. She handles the accumulation and consolidation of financial data for internal and external financial statements, reconciles and analyzes all client accounts, and evaluates and audits accounting and internal control systems. Beth also prepares and reviews federal and state tax returns and provides technical support on a variety of tax matters on behalf of GMC.

Prior to joining GMC, Beth was self employed as a tax professional through her company E. Shukas d/b/a Hewitt Tax Service and CAS Income Tax Service. Beth is a graduate of the Universidad de las Americas with a degree in accounting.

Dominick M. Nuzzo

Chief Compliance Officer

Prior to joining GMC, Dominick worked in the mortgage industry utilizing his financial background to handle multiple levels of responsibilities within the mortgage industry. Over the last 6 years since joining GMC, Dominick has developed the back office administration platform currently in place for GMC. He has developed the client services, payment processing, collection license as well as initiating the development of the current compliance (QA and QC) department. In his current capacity, Dominick continues to oversee all client services as well as all regulatory both client and industry related compliance specific requirements.

David C. Ansani

General Counsel

Began his employment with GMC in July 2010 as Chief Compliance Officer. In that role, David developed company compliance policies and oversaw licensing and regulatory matters. In 2015, David was named General Counsel. He oversees litigation management, regulatory complaint management, oversight of Human Resources, and contract drafting and review.

Prior to joining GMC, David practiced as a corporate transactional attorney with the following law firms: O'Hagan Spencer; McGuire Woods; Ross & Hardies; and Clausen Miller. He represented clients on mergers and acquisitions and complex loan transactions. David received his undergraduate degree and MBA from the University of Chicago and his JD from IIT/Chicago-Kent College of Law.